Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zeus Trumps Cupid

My friend talking about her ex: "I'm waiting for Zeus to come down, strike him with a lightening bolt and be like 'You love her, you asshole. Get your shit together.'"

Me: "ha! love it. making that my away message."

[a few minutes later]

Me: "Someone just pointed out to me... wouldn't it be Cupid with a bow and arrow?"

Friend: "Zeus's lightening bolts hurt more."

Me: "True. Why did they make Cupid a chubby little baby anyways? He should totally be a lighting-bolt-throwing, burning-down-the-house-asshole like Zeus."

Friend: "Cupid's arrow is like, cute, we have a crush. Zeus - much more appropriate for the ass-whooping that is real life relationships, especially in your 20s."

Me: "It's settled. Girls with braided pigtails tied off with pink bows who throw baking parties thought up the idea of Cupid. Blondes. No offense."

Friend: "I don't wear ribbons. Or bake."

Me: "No you don't. And that is why I'm friends with you."

Friend: "You hit girls at bars for wearing double popped collars. That is why I'm friends with you."


NicoleM said...

You hit a girl at a bar?

CaW said...

she had it coming

DollHouse said...

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